In 2005, Samsonite proposed to develop and launch the first "high postbed sewing machine" in the luggage industry.
Function: Sewing travel trolley case rear connecting piece
Subverting the traditional practice of fixing with rivets using rivets


The first generation of five axes (produced in March 2010)
The first professional shaped cutting machine in the luggage industry
Model: RB-5-2200-20-5/B
Function: intelligent three-dimensional cutting, can process any line of hard case


The first generation of gantry four axes (produced in September 2010)
Model: RB-F-1325-20-4/B
Function: Can process all the holes on the four sides of the hardware and any lines


The second generation of five axes (produced in May 2012)
Model: RB-F-1326-20-5/B
Function: intelligent program-controlled 3D cutting, which can process all the luggage holes and any parts of luggage


Third –generation five axis(may ,2014)
Function description: Computer controlled three dimension cutting, which can process all the luggage holes and any parts of luggage


The second generation of Longmen four axes (produced in September 2014)
Model: RB-F-1325-20-4/B
Function: It can process all the holes and any lines on the four sides of the Luggage.


The second generation of gantry four-axis upgrade version (produced in November 2014)
Four-axis shaped punching machine RB-F-1223-20-4/ B-CZZ-FC
All holes and any route on the four sides of the hard case can be machined
Adding an integral additional shaft (optional) makes it easy to machine all the holes in the top cover plane.
Add an integrated semi-enclosed dust cover (optional) to effectively keep the site clean and tidy
Two cutting working platforms on the left and right, so that the replacement of processed products does not stop, saving labor and efficiency
It provides manual teaching and programming, which is simple, quick, easy to learn and understand. The used tool path can be used repeatedly. It takes only 10 minutes to replace the different shapes of the case.


The fourth generation of gantry-style five-axis (produced in January 2015)

5-axis shaped punching machine RBF-1227-20-5/B

Process the luggage of four sides holes and way of the luggage.

Add all-in-one additional axis(optional),to easy processing all the holes on the top cover.

Add one half surrounded dust cover (optional), to effectively keeping the site clean

There are 2 working tables on the right and left, it can shift when process the luggage, save manpower, improve efficiency.

Providing the manual instruction cutting way, easy learn and easy understand, we can reuse the cutting programme, changing different luggages

just only need 10 mins.


five-axis machining center- "Simplify" complex part processing

With the in-depth implementation of China Manufacturing 2025, aerospace vehicles, automobiles and rail vehicles are moving toward high speed, energy saving and safety, so that many key parts exhibit complex polyhedrons and high-order curved surfaces. In the past, CNC machines using three linear axes were difficult to obtain the desired machining accuracy and surface quality, which prompted the growth of demand for five-axis machining technology in all walks of life to rise linearly.


Six-axis shaped punching machine RB-F6-251205-FC
Computer controlled three dimension cutting, which can process all the luggage holes and any parts of luggage Two separate cutting work platform, while replacing the processed products maintaining stable, security greatly enhanced and greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers . The machine storing path can be copied and used in any machine. Automatic door completely closed design ( optional ), keeping the site clean and effectively reducing noise at the scene. The machine has the upgraded connection of automatic loading and unloading material, to implementation of unmannded and automatic mode. providing the manual instruction and off-line programme cutting way, easy learn and easy understand, we can reuse the cutting programme, changing different luggages just only need 10 mins.


Fully enclosed six-axis shaped punching and cutting machine

In order to realize the noise-free and dust-free production workshop, RBT Technology has customized the closed six-axis according to customer requirements, which brings beautiful appearance and increases the safety of workers.


The Luggage frame gluing & pressing machine subverts the traditional luggage frame production mode by applying an injection molding of the middle frame or the bent aluminum frame and the thermoplastic deep-drawn case by applying glue to the middle frame. The casing is tightly bonded together and has good resistance to pull and airtightness.
The Luggage frame gluing & pressing machine effectively divides the luggage frame into the middle frame making, the deep drawing box making, the inner making, the frame shell gluing, the accessory locking, the inner clasp, the front and rear shell fitting, etc. Each department can realize workstation-based separate operations, which can achieve better automation integration.
Developed by Dongguan RBT Industrial Robot Technology  Co.,ltd the luggage-glued and pressure-preserving intelligent production line solves the rapid and uniform coating of PUR glue in the deep groove, and the thermoplastic deep-drawing box shell is accurately and quickly introduced into the middle frame glue tank and even pressure. Into the timing of pressure curing and many other difficulties, a reasonable combination of the appeal process, the automatic operation of the frame shell glue. It provides a strong guarantee for the intelligent manufacturing of painted frame boxes.


Dongguan RBT has developed a fully automatic vacuum forming cutting automatic loading and unloading production line for customers. It is a set of production lines tailored to the needs of customers. The company has complete independent intellectual property rights. This production line organically combines the industrial robot and the conveying line of the blister machine and the cutting machine, and uses the mechanical hand to cut the material, and uses the conveying line to organically connect all the links, which can realize the automatic sorting of the semi-finished products and scraps, and greatly improve the production efficiency and a lot of manpower savings. It completely liberated the work of the blister machine in the high temperature environment, and realized the fully automated operation process of the casing from forming to cutting.


With the increasing complexity of machining parts, flat laser cutting machines have been unable to meet the processing needs of some industries, and 3D laser cutting machines have emerged. In December 2018, RBT Technology's first laser machine was officially delivered to Shenyang Co., Ltd. The 3D laser cutting machine can perform multi-angle and multi-directional flexible cutting on the workpiece, and the processing method is more flexible, which can effectively improve the processing efficiency and be widely used. In the automotive, aerospace and other fields.


RBT Technology's customized five-axis machining center for Mercedes-Benz and achieve win-win!